We love how our bees help the rest of our crops grow.

We love how our bees help the rest of our crops grow.  It is estimated that bees pollinate between 30-60% of our crops.  Without them, we’d lose quite a bit of our variety of fruits and vegetables.  That’s one of the reasons we choose to follow organic principles on our farm.  Besides not wanting to ingest chemicals ourselves, we don’t want to hurt our environment around us.  As bees fly a couple of miles away from their hive, we cannot protect them totally, but we’ll try and keep their home environment safe

Beekeeper Steve

Beekeeper Steve capturing a swarm by the neighbors. This was a little harder as they settled in the crotch of the tree. The last one we caught looked like a basketball of bees hanging off of a branch. Please don’t spray if you have a swarm near you. Check for a local beekeepers club, they’ll have someone happy to come out and collect the swarm. Save the Bees!

To Nuc or not to Nuc?

Thankfully, 3 of our 6 hives survived the winter. Here is our bee yard near the back of our property. Steve purchased 3 new packages of bees which he has just installed. Bees come in 2 or 3# packages, or some people buy them as Nucs (which consists of 5 frames with a queen that is already laying). Steve has used both, but hasn’t noticed much difference in how the hive performs. Since the Nucs are more expensive, he chose to go with packages this year.