Our fleeces are heavily skirted, but not washed. Watch our sheep slideshow to view some of the available fleeces, see a description, awards won, and to find your product code. To hold a fleece, we require a $25 down payment.  We reserve the right to show your fleece at the WSWF in Sept, prior to shipping. If requested, a sample may be sent of the more expensive fleeces.  Lamb vs Adult Fleece:    Lamb fleeces are very soft, most people don’t separate prior to spinning, but they are smaller.  Adult fleeces may have a coarser feel to the tog, but they are larger.  However, many of our ewes keep their softness and as adults have been entered and won ribbons in the fleece judging at WSSW. Fall vs Spring Shearing:    The fall fleeces are ideal for spinning.  These fleeces have been washed by the rain, and since pasture raised very little lanolin or vegetable matter (VM).  Many times they are spun in the raw and washed afterwards. Spring fleeces may have a wool break, so are ideal for felting and other craft projects.  They are a may be a little coarser, have more grease and small VM from eating hay all winter.